April 06, 2013

Chashme Baddoor movie review

    Chashme Baddoor is a loud and gaudy David Dhawan movie that continues the current bollywood trend of remaking movies. This movie is remade from the classical 1981 movie with the same name Chashme Baddoor. The story and situations are picked up but the dialogues, direction and acting was not. In case you have already seen the old movie and liked it, then there is good chance that the newer version would let you down. If you not seen the older version then read on.

Arz kiya hai...
wo mili muje HEER ki tarah
taste me thi wo KHEER ki tarah
dil me wo chubh gai TEER ki tarah
aur... kya haath me chillar de k bhaga diya usne FAKEER ki tarah

    Chashme baddoor is a simple story of 3 bachelors following one girl, mixed with some misunderstandings, parents preferences and a side track love story of rishi kapoor. First thing that you observe in this movie is the long list of shayaris which keep you entertained till the end. Some shayaris may be offending to few communities, but if you take it on a lighter dhawan note, you would enjoy the movie. Comedy flows in the form of dialogues which drenches you until you are tired laughing and would agree that there wasn't such a comedy movie in recent times.

Tapsi, new girl from tollywood (telugu industry) did a better job. She has the beautiful looks, the energy and the ease of acting. Relatively, among the other actors in the movie, she seemed more talented on acting front and suited well to the role. Divyendu Sharma's shayaris are the highlight and the main pillar for the movie, which are rhyming and entertaining  Siddharth does some over acting and Ali Zafar does some bad acting, yet these things are to be ignored from the perspective of comedy. Anupam kher plays a double and does a decent job to keep the flow of the movie intact. Rishi kapoor's love track helps in adding helpful sequences to the ongoing main comedy track.

The movie uses some of the old hit songs like tu tu tu, tu tu tara; pehla pehla pyar hai; what is mobile number, etc which are given a nice touch of exotic locations and interesting choreography. Other original sound tracks also sound good, especially the andha goda dhouda song is catchy, energetic and fun to sing along.

Overall if you want lots of comedy and full length entertainment, then definitely watch this movie. The fast pace of the movie would keep you on your toes and you will ended up wanting more of this kind of fun. Just ignore the acting and errors for a while, because at the end you are watching a David Dhawan movie.


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