January 13, 2013

Seetamma vakitlo Sirimalle chettu movie review

    Seethamma vakitlo sirimalle chettu is a telugu multi-starrer movie with popular actors like prince Mahesh Babu, victory Venkatesh, Prakash Raj, Jaya sudha, Samantha. Big budget movie releasing on sankranthi and a Mahesh babu movie, so generally the expectations are very high which are reflected in the high prices of multiplexes, completly booked shows for the full first week. Venkatesh and Prakash raj on the other side have the charisma to grab the family audience to the movie. Family backdrop with east godavari accent and location, would surely be expected to add to the movie.

    Unfortunately none of the above elements have come to help to save the movie. Bad direction, clueless screenplay, liquid storyline, mis-fired jokes, unnecessary scenes and dialogues in wrong context have all made the movie a total waste of time. Though the actors are popular, cast is ill suited for this movie. Though marketed as a family movie and dedicated for family values, most of the main characters are anit-family; displaying the traits like disrespect for women, hatred for other humans, lazy attitudes with no interest to prove themselves or to work, no self respect, no concern for children's future and anger prevailing everywhere.

    There is nothing good to speak about either the cinematography, music or even the artists! even the very talented prakash raj has done nothing but carrying an annoying smile all the time. of-course nothing to blame the artist, the charecter itself is so placid. jayasudha, Kota srinivas Rao, Tanikella bharani, ahuti prasad have no role to display their acting skills. the new female lead Anjali as seeta is okay, as she delivers her dialogues of the godavari dialect with ease, in her own voice which is sharp to the ears though. she definitely has got acting skills. and the other female lead, Samantha as always has nothing to perform except for a song sequence and few smiles.
Mahesh babu and Venkatesh both of them popular for their dialouges and acting have failed miserably. they couldn't catch the dilect. Mahesh babu, though looked cute, infact has tried too hard to get into the role, very unlike of his usual.

    The main setback for the movie is it's Bad story. the screenplay just zig zags through some incidents. we keep waiting till the end, expecting some self-realization in the careless brothers and will remain disappointed. The heroes of the movie are nothing but useless guys who can not get into a job and who never bothers about it! they doesn't even think of doing something else or at-least helping their father in maintaining their coconut plantations! they just do not bother and they still remain heroes!! Ridiculous it is. All that they do in the movie is say big words, make less of others and do nothing.

    The hopeful audience tried to relish whatever comes out of the movie, but slowly the enthusiasm fades frame by frame... by the end of the movie the audience was in a hurry to leave the hall as if they have had enough of it!! The director is rightly doubtful whether he had delivered what he wanted to, so at the end he speaks those final words which the audience doesnt even give a heed to. the Irony is the whole of the team couldnt even deliver those two lines of message in a proper sentence or tone, forget about the movie! and the title is nowhere justified except for the nice tune they have given to those two lines...seetamma vaakitloo...sirimalle chettuu.......

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    With the opening collections the producer, director and the actors shall be happy, but the audience will feel bad, not because they have wasted their valuable money and precious time, they shall... over the plight of Telugu cinema industry; why is there such a dearth for good, or at least a sensible story? why a good movie, which rarely some producer/director like Bharani make never fares well at box office? why producers or stars never ever think of delivering anything sensible and why is the collections their only concern? Stars like Mahesh and Venkatesh have come together for a multi - starer which is very much plausible, but all their efforts stopped there, they failed to deliver a proper message, which they could have done with ease provided they have shown some commitment and will. All that they have shown in the movie is that it is right to not do proper efforts for doing some work, it is okay to be lazy, it is the right of males in the family to order their female relatives and always take them for granted!

    What a pity that such a movie has to fare well at the box office and remain a hit in Telugu cinema history!!


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