January 27, 2013

Viswaroopam movie review

Viswaroopam ia a big budget movie written, directed and produced by Kamal Haasan is released in tamil and telugu, which would be soon released in hindi too. The movie was in the news for various marketing relating issues on whether to allow it to be screened on dth or theaters first and that it might be an anti-islamic movie, followed by ban in various parts of tamilnadu, andhra pradesh and karnataka. This has caused a curiosity among the audience on what the movie is all about.

    Movie starts with the voice of a lady narrating her ambitions of going to US to study Phd and how her marriage life is going on with Vis (kamal haasan). In order to be with her boss, she tries to get something to prove her husband wrong and opts for assistance to spy on her husband, which leads to several other things, finally ending up in a anti-terrorist mission. While this is happening, clues are given on who her husband is, what was he doing before he got married, how he was related to the al kaida and where this leads him.

    Kamal haasan performs a character which has 3 completely different dimensions and his action was very fluidic with adjusting mannerisms and emotions. He does full justice to each of the aspects of his role. And Rahul bose complements him in acting, and takes up the anti role against the hero of the movie.

    Movie is strong in the technical aspects like cinematography and screenplay, the background score from shankar-ehsaan-loy suites well to the storyline. But the pace of the narration is very slow and may put you to sleep. Not much context is set around who Vis is or how he displays clues related to his past life, which could have increased the curiosity of the audience and involve them more into the flow of the narration.

    Overall Viswaroopam is a serious movie with a simple plot and not many twists or interesting ingredients. It could be liked for its technical quality, but loses marks at the pace the story unviels and the anxiety that it generates in knowing what happens next.

Race 2 movie review

Race 2 movie continues from where it had left in Race and is a grand display of money. Movie starts with the blast of a luxury yellow car and the mind race thus begins. First half of the movie is about setting the context, displaying the prize money and making the plans, while the second half of the movie is more about implementing the core plans and getting the pleasure out of the revenge.

    In Race 2, either be it the hero or heroines or the villian, the theme revolves around each one of them thinking that they are one who is most clever of the lot, they are the one who is playing the game with others, show courtesy towards the audience in explaining their plots in a detailed manner assuming that they might not understand their very clever tricks and the director gives his full support to turn this into a reality. It is a mostly "I know, he knows, i know" treatment between 4 to 5 characters.

January 20, 2013

Naayak telugu movie review

Naayak is for all those Ram charan Fans, who enjoy seeing him as a super hero. The opening of the movie is good, with a comedy track going on between the hero, heroine and her family. The first half of the movie is light and just flows through with occasional foreign locale song sequences. Just before the interval there is a twist showing a different angle of Ram charan.

January 13, 2013

Seetamma vakitlo Sirimalle chettu movie review

    Seethamma vakitlo sirimalle chettu is a telugu multi-starrer movie with popular actors like prince Mahesh Babu, victory Venkatesh, Prakash Raj, Jaya sudha, Samantha. Big budget movie releasing on sankranthi and a Mahesh babu movie, so generally the expectations are very high which are reflected in the high prices of multiplexes, completly booked shows for the full first week. Venkatesh and Prakash raj on the other side have the charisma to grab the family audience to the movie. Family backdrop with east godavari accent and location, would surely be expected to add to the movie.

    Unfortunately none of the above elements have come to help to save the movie. Bad direction, clueless screenplay, liquid storyline, mis-fired jokes, unnecessary scenes and dialogues in wrong context have all made the movie a total waste of time. Though the actors are popular, cast is ill suited for this movie. Though marketed as a family movie and dedicated for family values, most of the main characters are anit-family; displaying the traits like disrespect for women, hatred for other humans, lazy attitudes with no interest to prove themselves or to work, no self respect, no concern for children's future and anger prevailing everywhere.

January 02, 2013

Meghana Biriyani, Bangalore

Meghana Biryani, Koramangala will be the sure shot destination for any Biryani lover in Bangalore. Being from Hyderabad I Love eating the aromatic, spicy, hot, beautiful Chicken Biryani.

    In Hyderabad one can see a lot of food points and at-least 70 percent of them serve tasty Biryani. That is not the case in Bangalore, I have tried Biryani in many places in Bangalore but was never satisfied. Either they make it too spicy or it lacks the aroma or its overcooked! Being a foody, and a fan of chicken Biryani I started looking out for more places and finally found Meghana. After hearing so much about this place I was still skeptical as to the taste but I am happy to say that Meghana serves the best Biryani in Bangalore!

    This is a small place in a busy street of Koramangala 5th block. It is right opposite California Pizza kitchen and is very near to the Forum mall. It is a busy place and is always full. They have good amount of seating capacity, but there are always people standing out, waiting for their turn.