October 11, 2012

Makki (Eega) movie review

Makki originally made in Telugu as Eega, is a hyped movie both for the new concept and for the director.

   The director Rajamouli is acclaimed to be the most successful director of present day Telugu industry. It is very much evident from his zero ‘flops’.

   Eega is based on punarjanm that is not at all new concept for Indian cinema. But the treatment given to the basic idea is entirely different and so the film is unique. Here, the hero dies and takes re birth in the form of a housefly and despite his tiny and powerless body challenges the villain and succeeds in destroying him.  So, definitely people will be curious to know how. This curiosity is what sells the movie to kids and adults alike.

   The director has showed intelligence in framing the scenes of revenge. To show how a makki can fight against a human is really difficult and Rajamouli has made a lot of effort to bring out some logic in it.

   The team has done a mazing work with the graphics. And the graphics are used to the maximum extent but doesn’t feel like they have been over used. The ‘makki’ looks good and does dance, exercise and even taunts the villain. This is the fun part of the movie. On the other side, has lots of violence and not really fit for children. (Never mind the censor certificate of  ‘U/A’)

   The opening of the movie is very cheerful and has a fresh feel. The love story until the death of the hero is dealt in a pleasant way.  The actors have also done their best. A special mention goes to Sudeep, who played the negative role. Song compositions are one of the best in recent Telugu/Hindi movies. Especially the song ‘arey arey arey’ has a wonderful Choreography as well. It’s a treat.

   In spite of all these pluses there are also negatives. Violence and vengeance is what have a strong mark on the whole movie. The action scenes are too loud and have a jarring effect on your ears and also strain your eyes. The logic of course is not sound (if there is any!) and the climax is not that convincing.

   To conclude, I would say it’s a great effort but the question is whether the effort is worthy?


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