October 17, 2012

Corner House Ice Creams

After you have a good lunch, on a rainy day, when you are in not so good mood, when you want to celebrate, when you have craving for a sweet…the list goes on; whatever is the situation Ice creams are always a good accompaniments and especially so if it is a corner house ice cream.

   Corner house, an exclusive ice cream and sundae parlor is a boon to all the Bangloreans who love ice creams. Whoever tastes their ice creams would definitely fall in love with those wonderful flavors.

   Corner house offers a wide range of flavors, but sundaes are what make them stand out. The combinations of flavors they use to create their signature sundaes are just amazing!

   Almond fudge is my favorite sundae. Its plain vanilla ice cream served with roasted almonds and hot chocolate sauce. The almonds roasted to perfection, drenched in the rich hot chocolate sauce with the cool ice cream makes up for a great sundae and its taste lingers on your mind for a long time.

   Another must try is Death by Chocolate, which is a hot chocolate fudge. But let me warn you never try it alone. It is because of the ‘quantity’ they give. You can always share it and still be full when you finish it.

   Crème – da caramel is another sundae that makes use of caramel perfectly.  The caramel keeps on coming into each spoonful. Also, the brownies they use are my personal favorites. They are rich and baked to perfect smoothness.

   Their Menu is large and gives you lots of options to choose from. Inspite of the quality and quantity they are not ‘very’ costly. Single scoop costs you around Rs30 to 40 and sundaes with triple scoops come from Rs 120 to 150.
So what are you waiting for, just go and choose your favorite ice cream.  Also, look out for the pictures displayed on the walls that show the old Bangalore charm.

   For all those who doesn’t live here, next time when you come to Bangalore make sure to visit Corner house and loose yourself in those heavenly sundaes!

For the list of locations visit http://cornerhouse.in/locations


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