October 27, 2012

Chakravyuh movie review

Chakravyuh, a Prahash jha film, is about ‘Naxalvar’.  Like his other movies, chakravyuh presents to us a very serious issue. A two and half hour screenplay, without wasting any time presents the different angles of the problem. Yet, seems insufficient. Why not, the issue chosen is such that it can not be ‘shown’ it has to be felt and to get to at least a basic understanding of it one needs to be open, compassionate and unprejudiced.

   Chakravyuh shows how much homework Prakash jha has done in the effort of bringing us a wholesome glimpse of Naxalvar and the counter action. He is right when he says it’s a war, a war even when its over will give no side a ‘Real Victory’.

   Coming to the story, its about a two friends who start at the same point but take to two opposite directions. One goes on to become a police officer and another turns to naxalism. Both of them face issues in their chosen paths. And where these paths take them has to be caught on the screen. Its really not the story that makes chakravyuh a good movie, the thought process that went into it, the good screenplay, the awesome actors (But Abhay Deol is Just about OK), the capable director, the balance he maintains while narrating the different angles makes the film worth watching.

   There are no unnecessary interruptions or deviations from the main line except for an item song, (even prakash Jha after all could not come out of the chakravyuh of item song).

   The movie is not flawless, it has problems like not so sound logic in introducing Kabir (Abhay deol) to Naxals, his weak motive to become an informer, no strong reason why he justifies and owns the naxalism movement, the way he quickly grows strong among their cadres and also a weak climax that gets sentimental and does not stand strong with the ideology. 

   The director chose to present the war from two fighting sides leaving behind the cause and the people who are the real sufferers of this war between the state and the Naxals. Will they ever be able to come out of this chakravyuh? And who is to be blamed for this?


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