October 27, 2012

Chakravyuh movie review

Chakravyuh, a Prahash jha film, is about ‘Naxalvar’.  Like his other movies, chakravyuh presents to us a very serious issue. A two and half hour screenplay, without wasting any time presents the different angles of the problem. Yet, seems insufficient. Why not, the issue chosen is such that it can not be ‘shown’ it has to be felt and to get to at least a basic understanding of it one needs to be open, compassionate and unprejudiced.

   Chakravyuh shows how much homework Prakash jha has done in the effort of bringing us a wholesome glimpse of Naxalvar and the counter action. He is right when he says it’s a war, a war even when its over will give no side a ‘Real Victory’.

October 20, 2012

Oh My God movie review

Oh My God (OMG) is an apt name for the work of Umesh shukla. It tells us as a story of how fear and insecurities make people to act foolishly.

Oh My God is adopted from Kanji Virudh (vs) Kanji a Gujarathi play written by Bhavesh Mandalia and originally directed by Umesh shukla; has also made a great adaptation of theatrical play to the silver screen.

   The main theme of the plot revolves around various religious rituals that are generally followed, without rationale. The story starts when Kanji (Paresh Rawal) suffers a huge loss because of a mild earthquake (supposedly a God’s act!) and his insurance claim gets rejected because of the clause that “Insurance company is not liable for the acts of god”. Kanji who is an atheist feels deeply hurt by this and decides to sue God. When no lawyer accepts his case, a retired lawyer Hanif quereshi helps him out and Kanji sets out to fight his case for himself.

October 19, 2012

Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu movie review

Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu the name suggests that it’s the story of the duo who are media representatives and do efforts to expose untold stories and the underlying truths. But, the movie is nothing about journalism; it is about ‘Pawan Kalyan’ as Rambabu The hero, The savior, The God!

   “Rambabu Devudayya, Devudu” and so he is!! He need not abide by any logic, he doesn’t have to respect anyone, he can do wonders effortlessly, he can take bullets without pain and beat up as many goons as the villain gets (this is ofcourse the common ability of all our heroes), and sorry this is not the end of the miracles he can do, he can even become a top notch TV journalist without even knowing ABCs of Journalism, within a matter of days! Just because he speaks nonsense and he slaps people at his will. And the director guards him so carefully that for whatever he asks, the other characters always fail to answer. Most of the times they speak without brains and without thinking, so it is always easy for our ‘Rambabu’ to expose them.

   Cameraman Ganga in the title represents a lady, a camerawoman introduced to be doing good in her career. And Rambabu continuously ridicules her. Ganga in the hands of our director behaves in a way that helps Rambabu to establish that she is a fool. Neither the hero nor the director has any respect towards Women especially so if the woman is accomplished. Otherwise I do not find any reason in the way the female lead is characterized. The reason given as to why she is called cameraman Ganga instead of camerawoman Ganga is to show that she is not less than her male colleagues! This shows how na├»ve their understanding is of Gender issues. In another scene he makes fun of ‘Feminism’ & I doubt if they even know what it means.

October 17, 2012

Corner House Ice Creams

After you have a good lunch, on a rainy day, when you are in not so good mood, when you want to celebrate, when you have craving for a sweet…the list goes on; whatever is the situation Ice creams are always a good accompaniments and especially so if it is a corner house ice cream.

   Corner house, an exclusive ice cream and sundae parlor is a boon to all the Bangloreans who love ice creams. Whoever tastes their ice creams would definitely fall in love with those wonderful flavors.

   Corner house offers a wide range of flavors, but sundaes are what make them stand out. The combinations of flavors they use to create their signature sundaes are just amazing!

   Almond fudge is my favorite sundae. Its plain vanilla ice cream served with roasted almonds and hot chocolate sauce. The almonds roasted to perfection, drenched in the rich hot chocolate sauce with the cool ice cream makes up for a great sundae and its taste lingers on your mind for a long time.

October 11, 2012

Makki (Eega) movie review

Makki originally made in Telugu as Eega, is a hyped movie both for the new concept and for the director.

   The director Rajamouli is acclaimed to be the most successful director of present day Telugu industry. It is very much evident from his zero ‘flops’.

   Eega is based on punarjanm that is not at all new concept for Indian cinema. But the treatment given to the basic idea is entirely different and so the film is unique. Here, the hero dies and takes re birth in the form of a housefly and despite his tiny and powerless body challenges the villain and succeeds in destroying him.  So, definitely people will be curious to know how. This curiosity is what sells the movie to kids and adults alike.

October 10, 2012

English Vinglish movie review

What a movie!
Yes, what a movie…

A movie that draws your attention makes you feel and get you thinking.
A simple story narrated in a beautifully effective way. Kudos to the Director.

   The issue of ‘spoken English’ might seem insufficient for a screenplay of two and half hours but, the writer – director Gauri utilizes the 135 minutes comfortably to tell us the story of Shashi, a typical Indian housewife, whose efforts, passion and amazing personality goes unnoticed by the family. The movie takes us through all those unspoken feelings Shashi faces time and again. Its not just about being unable to speak English, but also about all those sacrifices she makes of her little delights.

October 06, 2012

Barfi Movie review

Barfi, in spite of its unique lead roles, is a usual love story set in the backdrop of Darjeeling of 1970s. The movie clearly is not about disabilities.

   Most of the stories in the Indian as well as the world Cinema revolve around a Super hero. Not just the movies but any story for that matter is spun around a bold guy and a beautiful girl.  May be because that’s what is more attractive. A few years back I read a story where the heroine, who is not attractive challenges the hero, a writer to write a story about an unattractive bad heroine. That story made me realize how much importance beauty or heroism holds in our stories. Even if its not stated explicitly it is deemed that the hero/heroine has certain pre-defined characteristics.

   But Anurag Basu has an altogether different story to tell. The hero is neither a rich man nor a strong one; he is just a good hearted and cheerful young person who happens to be deaf and dumb. Even one of the female lead is an autism-affected girl. But, the story doesn’t dwell on that subject. This is what makes the movie unique and lovable.