September 16, 2012

Life is beautiful (telugu movie) review

Why is life beautiful? 
Because it has ups and downs, dreams to chase, friends to share moments and many more.

   Well, the film is all about these mixed feelings. And Sekhar Kammula chose to show case all these from the view of a young guy who shifts to city, into his relatives house, along with his sisters. In the course of the film he makes friends, involves in street fights, faces problems, learns to take responsibilities and also experiences love.

   The whole movie is set in the back drop of a gated community divided into a rich phase, called the Gold phase and a middle class one, the B phase.

   The director some how seems to be obsessed with the "rich-poor conflicts" among the youngsters of the two phases and creates a lot of situations for them to fight upon. The whole movie starts moving in that direction and our hero and his friends starts failing in their efforts to be on par with their rich counterparts. 

September 15, 2012

Voyage to Ooty-Coonoor

Bangalore once had pleasant climate all though the year and it was one of the destinations chosen during the summer time. But for the past few years summers are more on the warmer side, because of which bangaloreans themselves are preferring to go to the cooler hill stations in the western ghats to spend their vacation time. Ooty is one of the famous hill stations located close to bangalore at 260Km, which is easily reachable by road. 

Ooty to Coonoor
   Best time to visit Ooty and Coonoor is during the peak summer time i.e March to May, as the temperature during this time is around pleasant 20 degrees, with beautiful misty sunrise and cold sunset.


   When i went there for the first time, i did research through online websites and filtered based on friend's suggestions. Before starting the trip plan, try hunting good deals provided by websites like :
And you can find good hotel reviews at :
   Ooty can be reached from bangalore by bus, which can be booked via : Ksrtc or any bus ticket booking website. If you prefer flight or train (Bangalore Kanyakumari express), then plan to reach Coimbatore which has the nearest airport and major railway station. Ooty is well connected by road from here.

September 14, 2012

Naturals Ice Cream Parlour

Naturals icecream started as a single store near juhu, in Mumbai now has almost 70 outlets across India, including 8 outlets in bangalore.

   True to its name, Naturals ice cream offers traditionally made naturally flavoured fresh icecreams. I have tasted this back in 2009 in mumbai and from then on I have been a fan of their flavours. Now very recently I have found from a friend that they have branches in bangalore!  I couldn’t wait to go back to those flavours close to nature.

   Flavours like tender coconut, papaya, seethaphal etc.. that they provide are not what one usually finds in other ice cream parlours. they sound odd but taste good 

September 10, 2012

Ek tha tiger-movie review

"Tiger, is mission mein tumhe sirf observe karna hai, 
please yahaan kisi ko maar math dhena"

   Comedy is the first thing that clicks when you see the movie, both RAW and ISI seem to be powerless villains who can never win over the hero. The heroine for a change does some stunts and goes on her own for some time but finally Mr.Hero has to come back for rescue as usual!!

    And the climax shows their miraculous escape on a police plane as the two government's agents just stand waving them helplessly. May be the story writer or the director could not think of a logical sequence. So it seems to us that the film has ended abruptly and with an expectation of seeing more the audience stayed back for the masha allah song while titles were running in the background. Clever inclusion of a toe tapping melodious song at the end compensates a bit for the disappointment that was caused by the abrupt ending.

September 08, 2012

Welcome to Leisurenama

Recently I have had a lot of time for ‘myself’ and it is in those silent moments that I felt an urge to write. And, I thought what should I be writing about.

So, I kept on postponing my idea of a blog.  This is what many of us sure would do. But when I had more and more of that leisure time, we explored as many options as are readily available for us to get entertained. From movies, shopping and outings to cooking and cleaning.

Believe me, its very tough to plan the weekends regularly!!  Weekends are supposed to be without a plan right?..... no, it is not, without a plan you end up doing the same thing over and  again. 

Planning a little ahead will open up a galore of options, with minimal fatigue, lower costs and ofcourse no chaos! We tried doing this with some research and also by exploring the options using the web. In this blog, we would like share with you all those experiences so that you could grab an idea to plan your leisure time ahead, to make it relaxing and fun.

Welcome to Leisurenama, for:
“Things that you can do when you have nothing else to do”
 Wish you a happy leisure time.